Snowy Tuesday

This morning at 5:30 I miraculously unsandwiched myself from both kids snuggled up against me without waking them to look outside at how much snow had already fallen. I had the option to telework and immediately thought, maybe I should, instead of attempting to make the 1.5 hour commute in lousy weather. Not worth it. Then, for some bizarre reason (really, me just wanting to prove that I am “serious”), I changed my mind and started getting ready. I didn’t rush, knowing that no one else would be in at the office until much, much later. As soon as I got on the bus with the driver that yelled out to the attendant at the lot: “Hope I make it back!” I realized this was probably a bad idea. The roads were not even remotely cleared and it took forever to get to work, but alas, I made it without significant incident (my right sock got wet right through my boot though).

A few other brave souls made it into work as well. It has stopped snowing and now looks beautiful outside, but I’m already nervous about the commute back, given the low temperature and the ice that will inevitably form on the carelessly “plowed” streets. Not to mention all the great drivers around.

Then again, I do lack a certain sense of adventure in my life now that the kids take up most my time. OK. Today’s commute will be my personal adventure. Something I’m doing for ME for once. Heh. (Wish me luck).

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