So I’m in a public ladies’ room with my three-year old. We are washing our hands and she notices a rather large, masculine-type woman enter the room. As she’s twirling around in her dress while I dry my hands, praying that she doesn’t stare at the lady too much, the woman makes the mistake of saying in an incredibly deep voice: “What a beautiful dress you’re wearing!” My daughter looks at me and says, in her three year old voice, “Is that a girl or a boy?” Quickly I muttered something to the effect of, “Oh, how nice of her to say your dress is pretty,” and got the hell out of there as fast as we could. I’m sure my face couldn’t have been redder. Then, at lunch, we had a talk about saying things quietly to mommy when she has a question. And at that very moment, she leans in, and “whispers” in her three year old voice yet again, “Mommy, why is that man so big?” referencing a gentleman nearby.

I have a question: Why am I the one that should be embarrassed for something my young child says? I do what I can to teach her how to be polite, but come on people, we are talking about a three year old here. She’s got a mind of her own!

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