Have you ever spoon-fed a baby? It’s hilarious. I’m not talking about the messy sweet potato face or the way the baby grabs the spoon with such a grip that you have to use two hands to pry it away from him. I’m talking about the facial expressions you make while you’re bringing the spoon to the baby’s mouth. Watching my husband feed our baby is better than going to a live comedy show. He open up his mouth while also raising his head, then closes his mouth as baby takes the food in. Everyone does it – it’s not just him – and it cracks me up whenever I see it. My two-year-old daughter gave her little brother a spoonful the other day and even she did it. A kid. Hilarious. You have to consciously try not to make a face.

My son, AJ, gets this kungfu grip on the spoon and sometimes I have to yell for backup to get it back. On the bright side, at this rate he’ll be feeding himself in a couple months and I won’t have to look silly feeding him his pureed veggies in public.

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