I made the mistake of not only giving my toddler a piece of a chocolate chip muffin to eat this morning, but as a treat, I let her sit on the couch with a humongous tray to eat it on. I left her alone for about 10 minutes watching Mickey Mouse on TV while I cleaned up the kitchen a little.  I could see her from my spot at the sink, but only until I came over to see how much she’d eaten did I realize what a terrible decision I had made giving her such a thing. She thought it would be fun instead of eating it to crumble it up completely into her plate and of course got it all over the couch as well.  I only gave her a small piece to begin with, but I swear somehow it tripled in volume as she crumbled it.

My reaction was not so pleasant. What the heck – why, why, why did you do this? Toddlers don’t quite know how to answer questions that begin with why so getting any sort of logical response was futile. I whipped out the vacuum cleaner and five minutes later, all was orderly again. Luckily the chocolate chips hadn’t melted into the couch yet.

Two words. Never again.

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